Taiyu Machine Coolant – CNC Coolant & Cutting Fluid

Introducing to Australia TAIYU HI-CHIP metal cutting fluids, a highly effective CNC coolant range available exclusively via our partner company Overload Industrial Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Long established in Japan and used by the leading TOP 100 manufacturing companies such as OKUMA, MORISEIKI, TOYOTA & CITIZEN, TAIYU HI-CHIP coolants offers you reliable lubricating performance and excellent cooling ability. For use on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, you will find TAIYU HI-CHIP coolant delivers superior surface finishes and provides excellent corrosion/rust prevention ability while also extending tool life.

TAIYU HI-CHIP coolants have a high dilution rate of 3-5% which is half to one third less than other coolant lines therefore reducing your ongoing expenses. Our range of products is well resistant to tramp oils reducing the frequency of fluid changes due to less contamination and bacteria growth. TAIYU HI-CHIP coolants force tramp oils to float providing you a low foaming, clean cutting solution. Taiyu coolants are suitable for a variety of uses and applications including high pressure, high-speed CNC machining, manual machining, grinding etc.

TAIYU HI-CHIP products are user friendly and gentle to skin. While most other conventional type fluids with high pH values often cause irritations to skin, Taiyu cutting fluids are lower pH, therefore greatly improving machine operator comfort.

Considerate of the environment, TAIYU HI-CHIP products have no Ozone destructive substances such as organic solvent, Nitrite, and Phosphorus and do not contain extreme pressure additives such as Sulphur or Chlorine.

Workshops currently using TAIYU HI-CHIP coolants have experienced less fluid displacement and coolant disposal which reduces machine downtime and cost, keeping machine operators on the job and saving you money.

Taiyu coolant is RoHS certified, meaning it meets the industry’s most stringent standards. Taiyu coolant is manufactured in Japan and adheres to environmental standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 ensuring a product safe for all users and environments. Owing to these many qualities, Taiyu coolants are easily ranked as one of the leading cutting fluids globally.

Download ISO9001 Certificate
Download ISO14001 Certificate

For information on the correct product for you or to place an order call 08 9470 3043 or send an email to overload at iinet dot net dot au

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    Introducing TAIYU HI-CHIP coolants to Australia

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