Wire Cutting

As an industry leader with over 15yrs experience in this highly specialised field, Overload Machining Services are able to produce work to exacting size and specifications. Accurate to.005mm, our EDM wire cutting facilities deliver outstanding results far exceeding standard machining. In fact, the smaller and more difficult the part is to produce by conventional means the easier and more accurate it is by wire cutting.

Imported from Japan, our state of the art FANUC wire cutting machinery can cut any material that is conductive. Hard metals and heat-treated tool steels can be cut with efficiency while tapered complex forms and unique parts with different top and bottom shapes by using 5 axis cutting can be machined to extremely high precision.

We use the latest CAD/CAM software, so you can easily bring your exported files from any drawing package (DXF files preferred) and we can reproduce your design to incredibly exact specifications. In fact, if it can be drawn, we can cut it.

Like our many returning clients, you will be amazed by the accuracy of our finished products.

For precision wire cutting that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, contact us.

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